Rock Island Communications

Rock Island is a modern, fully connected community. Residents enjoy access to local television and radio station programming, along with Quad-Cities area newspapers. The community of Rock Island also has a thriving Internet culture based around a community wireless Internet network.

Rock Island Media Outlets

Rock Island Television Stations

Rock Island is home to a CBS affiliate, WHBF-TV, Channel 4, which broadcasts from the District. Rock Island residents also tune in to the other Quad Cities stations, including NBC affiliate KWQC in Davenport and ABC affiliate WQAD in Moline. The Public Broadcasting Network is represented by WQPT in Moline, and the Fox network maintains an affiliate station in Davenport, KLJB Fox 18.

Rock Island Radio Stations

On the radio dial, Rock Island residents can listen to hip-hop and R&B on WGVV 92.5 FM. Public Radio programming is available from WVIK, which broadcasts from the Augustana College campus. Further up the FM dial, Quad City listeners will find WHTS, a top 40 station at 98.9. On the AM band, country music fans will find plenty of what they like at WKBF 1270.

Rock Island Newspapers

The Rock Island Argus is the city’s only newspaper and publishes daily. The Rock Island newspaper also runs an area news website, Quad-Cities Online, in partnership with the Moline Dispatch. The Quad City Times publishes in Davenport, IA, along with an independent newspaper, The River Cities Reader.

Rock Island WiFi Network

The centerpiece of Rock Island communications is a wireless Internet access network (wifi). The wifi network offers wireless access to the Internet at several locations in Rock Island. Based out of City Hall, the RIFI network is absolutely free, and is provided as a means to assist businesses and private citizens of the community.

The Downtown Arts and Entertainment District is a very popular wifi hotspot. Shoppers surf the Internet and check email alongside professionals conducting business on laptop computers.

Other wifi hotspots are found at several of the community’s libraries, including the Main Library on 19th Street, the 30/31 Branch library and the Southwest Branch library. The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center hosts a wireless hotspot, as does the Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center. The city-owned Sunset Marina is also part of the wireless network.