Quad City Communications

Quad City communications options and media outlets provide the Quad City metropolitan area’s 378,000 residents with news, entertainment, editorial opinions, and weather information every day of the year. The area is ranked in the nation’s top 100 television markets and in the top 150 of all radio markets nationwide. For those of you who recently bought Quad City real estate and have moved or are planning a move to the area, we’ve compiled a list of the Quad Cities’ major newspapers, television stations, and radio stations.

Quad Cities Television Stations

Except for Bettendorf, each of the Quad Cities is home to at least one television station. The television stations broadcasting from the Quad Cities area include:

  • WHBF, TV-4, a CBS affiliate located in downtown Rock Island
  • KQWC, TV-6, the area’s NBC affiliate which broadcasts from Davenport
  • WQAD, TV-8, the ABC affiliate broadcasting from Moline, IL
  • KLJB, TV-18, a FOX affiliate, also broadcasting from Davenport
  • WQPT, TV-24, a Public Broadcasting station from Black Hawk College in Moline
  • KQIN, TV-36, an Iowa Public Broadcasting station, also from Davenport
  • KGCW, TV-26, a CW network affiliate which broadcasts from Burlington, IA

Quad Cities Newspapers

There are three newspapers which publish every day in the Quad Cities and an alternative weekly which started publishing bi-weekly in early 2009. Two of the newspapers, the Rock Island Argus and the Moline Dispatch, essentially publish the same copy under different mastheads. These Quad City newspapers are:

  • The Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch which is published in Moline
  • The Quad City Times which is published in Davenport
  • The River Cities Reader which is published every other week in Davenport

Quad City Radio Stations

With the notable exception of National Public Radio station WVIK which broadcasts on 90.3 FM from the campus of Augustana College in Rock Island, all Quad City radio stations are owned by either Clear Channel Communications or Cumulus Broadcasting. These two national broadcasting companies own a wide range of AM and FM stations which broadcast a variety of programming. These Quad City radio stations include:

AM Stations

  • KJOC 1170 AM Oldies, Chicago Sports, Iowa State University Sports
  • WFXN 1230 AM Sports Radio
  • WOC 1420 AM News/Talk Radio

FM Stations

  • WVIK 90.3 FM Classical Music and NPR Programming
  • KQCS Star 93.5 FM Adult Contemporary
  • KMXG Mix 96 FM Today’s Hits
  • WXLP 96.9 FM 97X, Classic Hits
  • KBEA 99.7 FM Top 40
  • KUUL 101.3 FM Oldies Top 20 Hits
  • WLLR 103.7 FM Country
  • KBOB 104.9 FM Rock, Chicago Bears Football
  • KCQQ 106.5 FM Classic Rock

These media outlets represent the major Quad City communication options throughout the area. There are a few smaller radio stations with very limited broadcasting range and a few niche publications but the Quad City media outlets listed above are the largest and most popular. For a more extensive listing of the media outlets in each of the Quad Cities, follow the links below: