Moline Transportation

If you live in Moline or are relocating to the city, there are plenty of Moline transportation options to choose from for getting around this unique region of the country. For running errands, shopping, entertainment, or getting to work, traveling in Moline and the surrounding communities is fast and easy whether you drive, take mass transit, or prefer biking and hiking on Moline’s scenic riverside trails. Located directly across the Mississippi River from Bettendorf, Iowa and the Village of East Davenport, transportation in Moline is always a breeze at any time of the day or night.

Moline Mass Transportation

Mass transportation in Moline and the other Quad Cities is served by MetroLINK which offers connecting bus routes within Moline and the surrounding communities. Each MetroLINK bus has a bike rack on the front and most buses run on compressed natural gas as part of their environmentally responsible Go Green initiative. Here are some handy Moline mass transportation links:

Quad City International Airport

Located south of Moline’s city center, the Quad City International Airport serves the air transportation needs of the Midwest. Each year brings a new record for number of travelers served. Offering nonstop flights to eight destinations across the country, the Quad City Airport is an important link for the traveling business professional. The Quad City International Airport is only 30 minutes by air from Chicago O’Hare for connecting flights around the country and around the world. Here are some helpful Quad City International Airport links:

Moline Bridges across the Mississippi River

Currently, only the I-74 Bridge connects Moline to Iowa. Officials estimate that an average of 78,000 vehicles drive across this bridge each day but that number is rising and a new wider bridge is being considered to ease traffic congestion in the future. For travelers who prefer a more leisurely pace when crossing the Mississippi, Moline is home to the area’s only water taxi service, the Channel Cat Water Taxi. The Channel Cat operates in the warmer months and gives riders a unique perspective of the river and the area.

Moline transportation options offer fun and unique ways to get around the Quad Cities and many afford some great sightseeing opportunities as well! If you’re planning a visit to Moline or weighing your Quad City realty options for relocation, we hope that this Moline transportation information has been helpful!