Moline, IL Government

Moline Municipal Government

Moline, Illinois’ municipal government is overseen by a combination of the City Council and Moline’s City Administrator. These two administrative entities ensure that the city’s bills are paid, city services are provided to citizens in an efficient and timely manner, city budgets are managed properly, and the business of running the City of Moline has appropriate checks and balances. With a great deal of manufacturing, retail, and other types of businesses, Moline has a large tax base to draw from which allows it to provide most of the services that Moline citizens need and want to keep the city safe, clean, and well-maintained.

Moline’s City Council

Moline’s City council acts as its legislative body and is comprised of elected officials including the Mayor, a member from each of Moline’s seven wards, and one at-large official. The City Council’s members serve on a part-time basis, are elected in two-year alternating terms, and meet on the first four Tuesdays of each month. The City Council is responsible for establishing all municipal policies of the city as well as taking legislative actions such as approving the annual budget and contracts, determining tax rates, adopting city ordinances and resolutions, and conducting hearings.

Moline’s City Administrator

With the assistance of the city’s staff, the City Administrator is required to ensure that the needs of the entire community are served and all municipal policies are properly overseen and implemented. The City Administrator is, in many ways, the city’s business manager as he or she oversees the daily operations of all the city’s municipal activities and provides management support for each of the city’s departmental directors. The City Administrator informs the mayor and City Council of any issues the city or its departments are experiencing and acts as Moline’s Chief Administrative Officer. His or her responsibilities also include the drafting of a balanced annual budget for the City council’s review and approval.

As you can see, Moline’s City Administrator, City Council, and Mayor all have an enormous amount of responsibility to ensure that the city’s residents’ wants and needs are properly served and that the city’s affairs are properly maintained. All City Council sessions are open to the public and the next council meeting’s agenda is posted for public viewing in various locations in City Hall before the preceding Friday.