Moline Demographics

Welcome to Moline, one of the original Quad Cities. Here’s a look at the people that help make Moline, IL, a great place to live.

Moline, IL, Total Population (2007): 43,000+

Moline has the second-highest total population of all of the communities that make up the Quad Cities. Over 44,000 folks live, work, and play inside the city limits.

Moline Races and Cultures

Like the rest of the Quad Cities, majority of Moline’s residents trace their ancestry to the German and Irish immigrants who settled this part of the Mississippi River Valley in the 1800’s. However, Moline has plenty of diversity in the cultures of the people who live in the community.

Moline Age and Gender

The average age of residents in Moline is 38, a little higher than the Quad Cities average, but still not the highest in the metro area. Women slightly outnumber men, reflecting a state-wide trend.

Moline Incomes and Costs of Living

Residents of Moline have a median household annual income hovering just over $48,000. This is somewhat higher than the Quad Cities as a whole. Major employers in Moline include John Deere, the Rock Island Arsenal, Trinity Health Care, the City of Moline and Moline Community Schools.

Moline Home Values

Home ownership is the norm in Moline, with owned units outnumbering rental units nearly two to one. Single family homes, condominium units, lofts, studios and multiple unit dwellings are all found in the Moline real estate listings.