Davenport Transportation

For getting around in Davenport and the other Quad Cities, there are plenty of Davenport transportations options to choose from. As you can get anywhere in Davenport and the Quad City metropolitan area fairly easily, most folks in Davenport use their vehicles for getting to work, running errands, shopping, and going out and about. But recently, many are exploring other means of Davenport transportation which are healthier, less costly, and take them through areas of the city that are off the beaten path. There is an extensive network of Davenport bike paths which allow residents to see their city in a different way.

Davenport Mass Transportation

Davenport’s mass transit is provided by MetroLINK and Davenport CitiBus which operate several routes within the city and others which cross the river into Rock Island and Moline. The buses of both transportation providers feature bike racks on the front which make them an ideal choice for traveling to the bike paths in different parts of the city. According to officials, the number of people using MetroLINK buses is up ten percent over last year and they are hoping that number will continue to climb in the future. Here are some helpful Davenport mass transportation links:

Davenport Airports

Davenport has its own airport which is conveniently close to Interstate 80 for business travelers in the Iowa portion of the Quad Cities. Davenport Municipal Airport is in the far northern part of the city and is a hub for many private and corporate aircraft. For traveling outside the region, Davenport is also served by Quad City International Airport in Moline. For planning a trip or checking on the arrival and departure status of a flight, here are some Quad City International Airport links:

Whether you drive, bike, hike, fly, or take public transportation, there are plenty of Davenport transportation options. In the warmer months, we highly recommend that you hop on a bike and explore Davenport at a more leisurely pace. The trails for biking and hiking are well maintained and there’s no better way to see the Mississippi River or Davenport’s parks!