Bettendorf Transportation

There’s a lot more to Bettendorf transportation than hopping in your vehicle and driving to your destinations. The City of Bettendorf has its own mass transit system, a network of Bettendorf biking and hiking paths and much more. These bike and foot paths offer stunning sightlines along the Mississippi River and along Duck Creek, and intersect with other bike paths in the area to make walking and bicycling easy and convenient.

Bettendorf Mass Transit System

Bettendorf’s transit system (BT) links with Davenport’s CitiBus and the Quad Cities MetroLink systems in several conveniently located hubs which make getting around the area inexpensive, easy, and environmentally responsible. Like other buses in the area, Bettendorf’s buses have bike racks in the front which give riders plenty of options for getting out and about. Here are some pertinent Bettendorf mass transportation links:

Bettendorf Airports

For private and corporate air travel, Davenport Municipal Airport is just a few miles from Bettendorf. People flying from Bettendorf to national and international destinations are served by Quad City International Airport just a few minutes across the river in Moline. Here are some handy Quad City International Airport links:

Bettendorf Bridges

The only bridge across the Mississippi River from Bettendorf to Moline in the Illinois Quad Cities is the I-74 Bridge which has two lanes in each direction. This bridge is a very convenient way to cross the river and over 78,000 vehicles cross this bridge on a daily basis. For a more leisurely ride across the river in warmer months, you can also use the Channel Cat Water Taxi which gives riders a fun and unusual way to experience the mighty Mississippi.

No matter what your preferred mode of transportation may be, getting around is easy and inexpensive with Bettendorf’s transportation options. Bettendorf is close to many fun and interesting Quad City destinations and any excuse for a walk, drive, bike ride, or bus ride along the river is a good one!