Bettendorf, IA Government

Bettendorf Municipal Government

Bettendorf, Iowa’s municipal government is managed by the mayor, city council, and a city administrator. The checks and balances of these different departments keep one branch of the government from having too much control over city life and provide accountability to the citizens of Bettendorf. Like its neighbors Rock Island and Moline across the river and Davenport on the Iowa side, Bettendorf chose this form of government for its efficiency and its balance between publically elected officials and a hired professional city administrator.

Bettendorf’s City Administrator

Bettendorf’s City Administrator is responsible for following the policies of the city council, drafting an annual budget for the city, and directing and coordinating the performance of the city’s various departments. Bettendorf’s City Administrator is in charge of conducting the day-to-day business of running the city and making personnel decisions about each of the city’s departments.

Bettendorf’s City Council

Bettendorf’s City Council acts as the city’s legislative body and has seven elected officials including an alderman from each of Bettendorf’s five wards, and two at-large aldermen. The City Council is responsible for establishing all municipal policies of the city as well as taking legislative actions such as approving the annual budget and contracts, determining tax rates, adopting city ordinances and resolutions, and conducting hearings.

Bettendorf’s Mayor

The Mayor of Bettendorf presides over City Council meetings and may cast a vote in the event of a tie. The Mayor assists the City Council with establishing Bettendorf’s policies, setting local tax rates, and working within the city’s budget.

Bettendorf’s municipal government works hard to ensure that each of the city’s government and departments work efficiently, and that each Bettendorf citizen has a voice in the city’s business and policies.