Bettendorf Demographics

Bettendorf is the bedroom community of the Quad Cities. Quiet neighborhoods are home to the upper middle class administrators and skilled workers for area industry. The Bettendorf community is fairly stable, with folks moving in, developing roots and cherishing long-term relationships with their friends and neighbors.

Bettendorf, IA, Total Population (2007): 31,000+

In spite of a population topping 31,000, Bettendorf maintains a small town feel. Homes for sale in Bettendorf neighborhoods often have pleasant yards or grounds attached to the properties, giving plenty of space to live and play. In the greater Scott County area, residents enjoy a country lifestyle while never being too far away from the amenities of the Quad Cities.

Bettendorf Races and Cultures

The majority of Bettendorf’s residents trace their ancestry to the German and Irish immigrants who settled this part of the Mississippi River Valley in the 1800’s. One in fifty Bettendorf citizens are African-American and the city also has a strong Hispanic population. The overwhelming majority of Bettendorf’s residents were born in the United States. Many of these residents are also native Iowans. However, naturalized citizens from Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia are also a vital part of the community.

Bettendorf Gender and Age

Recent census data for Bettendorf and its surrounding communities shows women slightly outnumbering men. The majority of the population is between the ages of 25 and 55.

Bettendorf Incomes and Costs of Living

Residents of Bettendorf, Iowa have higher incomes than the Iowa state average, with the mean average annual income hovering just over $45,000. Major employers in Bettendorf include manufacturing facilities, shipping facilities, hospitals, universities and city governments. Industrial giant ALCOA maintains a facility along the river. Commute times are pleasantly short in Bettendorf, around 15 minutes to half an hour for most workers.

Bettendorf Home Values

The majority of residents in Bettendorf live in their own homes. The median closing prices of homes for sale in Bettendorf have hovered between $80,000 and $120,000. The Bettendorf real estate market is diverse, with opportunities for almost every type of home buyer. Single family homes, condominium units, lofts, studios and multiple unit dwellings are all found in the Bettendorf real estate listings.